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Our Story

Who we are

The congregation came together at Easter 2016 worshipping in the Anglican tradition. In 2020 we joined the Free Church of England which is part of the Reformed Episcopal Church. To acknowledge this change we decided to rename our church to Saint Barnabas at Easter 2021

The legal bit

Saint Barnabas Church was formally created at Easter 2021

The church is a limited company No. 130489C under Manx law and is a registered Isle of Man charity No. 2003

The company directors and others form the Church Council which has responsibility for the day to day running of the church.

Key Personnel

Directors of the company : Sir Laurence New, Werner Alberts, Elaine Wilson & Ros Taisia

Church Council : The company directors plus David Cole, Roviana Szetu & Ben Campbell

Church Wardens :  Werner Alberts and Ros Taisia

Diocesan Delegates :   Elaine Wilson and David Cole

Assistant Minister:  Revd. Laurence New

BELOW Photo of Church Council members

church council May 2021 -2.jpg
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